Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Black Magic Woman

«   a meeting in the mountains -- with the spirit in the sky.   » 
The tail end of the emerald forrest's reign, Gorgeous grey skies illuminated a lush canopy & Mon chaton and I found ourselves in the midst of decadent deciduous greenery before its great departure.  I was  ((a l i v e)) high |up| on life.   Winds whipped across the crest of the gorge... perched hundreds of  feet from a flat forest floor.  Decadent feathers in my foxwood cap, a fringed shawl, and the sheer wicked black layers of my skirt.  
An embodiment of the essence of this season. 
We spent the day: indulging in autumn || playing a game of cards || drinking well-deserved cups of piping hot coffee ||  harvesting all things green || taking in all of the  (F A R  - O U T) sight-seeing.
Feather-banded felt hat: Foxwood - Free People! (I  a d o r e  this hat!) Beatles Top; Chaser T's  // Skirt: Vintage (similiar) // Black Leather Boots : Steve Madden // Stevie Shawl, Arrowhead Bolo-Tie, & Leather & feather necklace:  All Thrifted!! 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Among the Mountains

Thanksgiving break is here! A week to prepare for the family time and feasting ahead.  
The first day of my break has left me cozied up in bed working on this post, while a wicked ice-storm grows stronger outside.  These shots were taken a little while back in the beautiful town of Ohiopyle.  A chilly stream carves through the miles of hiking & biking trails, steep gorges, and quaint coffee shops.  Mon Chaton and I stopped to get breakfast... Something sweet and a steaming cup of creamed coffee. Next we made out way to the trails to embrace the afternoon! A visit to a shop in town gave us an opportunity to capture these shots & buy some local produce. Always, Always, ALWAYS try out the local specialties in an area that you are exploring! For this trip: squash, pumpkins for pie, and local honey. A great haul that won't soon be topped. Sad to part with the harvest season, but I welcome winter with hopes of a white wonderland and a new season with the spirit of adventure! 

Burgundy Sweater: Free People // Denim Jeggings: Urban Outfitters // Suede Belt: Vintage // Felt Hat: Haute Hanger // Knee-High Socks: Steve Madden // Grey Lace-up Boots: Breckles  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Weekly Wishlist: The Warmth of the West

Western Visions have encompassed my thoughts as of late.  It may be the daydreams of warm, sunny, western fields... among a life of snow flurries and frost. Or perhaps just the comfy bohemian vibes these gems provide.  Keep dreaming of the sweet seasons we have ahead, and those blessed ones we leave behind. 

1.  Hand-beaded vintage apache purse // 2. Western print wool blankets  // 3. Stained wood aztec art - Here! // 4. Vintage Navajo turquoise & sterling bracelets // 5. Free People Wayland boots - Here!  // 6. Indian-bead embellished bull skull