Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunset Bandit

The radiant golden hour of the evening   A fading horizon beams a perfect shade of tangerine. 
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  A Mid-Winter Adventure. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Leather and Lace

Textural day dreams.  Two elements can elevate a look beyond the bounds of an outfit for me: Leather, and Lace.  I radiate confidence, Channel the energy of a 70's soul, & feel perfectly comfortable exactly as I am.  I hung around in the loft of my lakehouse, overlooking the calm crystal waters that have nurtured my passion for this sweet earth. What once was an indian reservation, has been my haven since birth.  The roots of my very heritage lie buried in the land beneath me & sweet memories swell with every breath and vision. Home at last.  The clothing I choose to suit the day must match the magic of my surroundings.  
Leather: for pride, the material of my people. And for feeling, a second skin, every blessed breeze plays with the fringe of my sleeves, swaying them like the wind-chimes that echo across the lake. 
Lace: for growth, into femininity. My journey began here, as a messy child, inspecting every mud-puddle and minnow. The years have brought me to be a woman, confident in my cause. One who can still seek out the filth of nature with a thrill and a lip-sticked smile. 

Strong roots are vital to survive these wicked storms of life. 
Embrace the transformation, and your everlasting past.  

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mallow and Thyme

C O N N E C T   ::  W I T H  ::  T H E  ::  E  A  R T H

 The blessing of dressing my body in decadent energy was gifted to me by the creator of Mallow & Thyme. Tiaona Pemberton, a Gem of a soulchild who pours her imagination and skill into these crystal and stone pieces. M&T is a fine quality brand that's products are an embodiment of power, positive energy and  feel good vibes. These enchanted stones restore the spirit to your soul. 

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I'm Wearing:
Cashmere Poncho: Gifted // Sheer Tank: H&M // Maroon Jeans: Alice and Olivia  // Rings:Black Market Minerals //  Shoes: Top Shop //  Brown Felt Hat: Thrifted // Maroon Lip: Diva- MAC Cosmetics