Friday, March 20, 2015

Velvet Crush

Lounging in the Living room.  My home is a nest of blessings | The ultimate comfort zone.  
Brick walls, antiques and cacti; the necessary surroundings to be inspired. 

Home is your place to be at peace.  Nestled among the covers, where your only concern is  listening closely to the cascade of raindrops on the ceiling. It is also a haven where your thoughts and actions can flourish.  Journaling, Crafting. Photographing, Prepping. Cooking. & Blogging.  Creating something magnificent.  Running with inspiration is good for the spirit.  Home is where the early-afternoon, green-tea-caffeinated, spur-of-the-moment magic happens.  Take advantage of the changing season and sync with nature.  
R E N E W & C R E A T E
  Welcome Spring. 

Vest: Thrifted // Crushed Velvet Blouse: Vintage @  Rodgers Flea Market // Khaki Leggings: Nordstrom // Lifted Boots: Steve Madden // Planchette Pendant: Poison Apple Printshop 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Violet Hill

|| Sometimes a wave of rebellion rages hot in the bed of one's soul.  ||
||  A moment to defy and mark your immense individuality.  ||   
 E X P R E S S I O N.  A way to encapsulate the essence of your spirit. Some days when I mozy among my hats, shawls & thrifted gems I am reminded of the kaleidoscope of boutiques, thrifts, and shops that construct my fashion footprint.  An outlet for expression and inspiration.  
It's a blessing to use style as way to feel free, cozy, chic or bohemian. 
Stay true to your vision of Y O U.

Penny Lane Shearline: Thrifted  • White Blouse: Forever 21 • Burgundy Jeans: Roz and Ali  • Camel Booties:  Aldo • Amethyst Ring: Mexican Boutique  • Silver Rings: Savannah Silver Works   Crystal Pendant: Black Market Minerals

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunset Bandit

The radiant golden hour of the evening   A fading horizon beams a perfect shade of tangerine. 
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  A Mid-Winter Adventure.