Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Indian Summer

Mondays... noted for their dismal nature and feelings of sleepy sadness... In this life, One mustn't waste time on such myths! Monday is the start of a new week, a new chapter in the month.  A time to make great strides, and anticipate the celebrations of the weekend. I kicked off my week on the road, wide-eyed and cozy in the passenger seat.  My sacred place. In the company of Mon Chaton, just after mid-morning, a sun-drenched stretch of sky peeked up from beyond the hills unexpected-- & how welcome! Autumn is  magical in this very way: breezes cooling down the days lulling you into a sense of fall, but an indian summer lurks in the afternoon. We are blessed with spontaneous moments of heat and searing sunshine-- bursting through the shade of the golden-leaved trees.  Follow suit with the season, and be unexpected.  Surprise even yourself with the adventures that will ensure during this wonderful, transitional time. 

White Lace-Collar Blouse: Thrifted // Carpenter Denim Shorts: Free People // Hat: Vintage //  Boots: Nine West // Jewelry: Caravan // Sunglasses: Etsy

Thursday, October 9, 2014

High Tide

Looking out over lush marshes, The sun is shining, and we are totally alone in the wild.  
Mon Chaton & I took a weekend getaway to Moraine State park to photograph the regatta/craft market for my internship. What a wonderful trip! We hiked through the misty morning and by afternoon the sun was blazing.  We snapped these shots on a beautiful blue stretch of the water.  The the lake was at low-tide, the grass was high and the waterbugs and bullfrogs sounded in the distance. It was a heavenly little escape from the day-to-day.   Cooler winds are drifting in and we are entering the transitional peak of the year.  Change with the season and embrace the energy of autumn. 

Top: Thrifted // Jean Shorts: Thrifted // Sandals: Steve Madden // Glasses: Vintage

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunset & Moonlight ☾

- Caught between a burning sunset and a mexican moon ||  In the Half-light of dusk -
An evening of exploration ahead of me and hours of indulging in the sun-drenched beaches & iridescent waters behind me.  What a day.  But, in the spirit of savoring the sunlight, I was off... out into the streets of the south. I had a desire to scour the city, capture all of its lively spirit with my camera, and for family& friends back at home-- gather the most unique souvenirs. We even had time to grab a drink during the rainshower!
Silk trousers:  tight white lace top : hemp-knit fedora. This look chose it self, Light, Flowy, Free- perfect for the night unexpected. A dash of silver coated my arms & crystal (for luck) round my neck. My mum and I headed  to the vibrant city, where the shops meet the sand: searching for the best of the local vendors. The night was as wonderful as it was unplanned. I think that stepping away from the norm, and allowing the evening to unfold is the key to making positive//perfectly unpredictable memories.  

Halter-Top: Thrifted // Indian Silk Trousers: Thrifted (similar) // Belt: Thrifted // Hat: Jessica Simpson (gift from mon chaton)  // Jewels: Gifts & The Rodgers, Ohio Flea Market