Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On the dock on the bay :: Watchin' the tide roll away

Sittin' in the morning sun
I'll be sittin' when the evening comes
Watching the ships roll in
 •Sittin' here resting my bones  •
On the dock of the bay
Watchin' the tide roll away

((Caught in the warm embrace of a southern breeze  • Salty sweet air graces my skin  • The mellow glow of a setting sun illuminates my surroundings)) Heaven is  a place on earth-- & it's nestled among the oak trees, spanish moss & sandy shores of south carolina. Life without worry, hours in the sun, and exploration as a part of your daily routine.  I could go on for a lifetime about every little thing I love about the south-- But above all else, I love the sacred/care-free/family time. Every morning I would drink my coffee in different company & after a long day on the beach we would venture to a local hot-spot for dinner. On this wonderfully over-cast evening, Mon Chaton & I  grabbed dinner with family at a restaurant right on the water & snapped these shots on a nearby marina dock.  We laughed & shared memories over sweet-tea & local fresh seafood-- truly making the most of the moment (and more importantly the company.)  Keep the adventure going & spend every moment indulging in explorations, or kickin' back and relaxing with friends and family.  September's sun is such a sacred blessing. 

Floral Vest: Urban Outfitters // Gem-studded Shorts: Mustard Seed //  Gems & Jewels: Thrifted or Gifted // Carmel Sandals: Steve Madden

Friday, September 12, 2014

Paper Sun, Silver Moon

Mid-day, Mid-summer, Mexico.  A sweltering sun beaming down on our bronzed skin.  
I love walking about the city on a humid afternoon... Exploring new stores, ever-searching for gems and jewels for the collection. To me, summer is all about easin' through life-- outfits included. A cropped turtleneck-tank, vintage shorts & a splash of silver is all it takes. I take it a step further, fingers laced in silver accents & my favourite gemstone bracelet. While traveling I separate my jewelry by metal: all of the bronze in one satchel, silver in another-- likewise with golden goodies & misc. materials like rope bracelets & hemp headbands.  This makes tossing together a well-accessorized look easy as can be. This stellar coin-collar is one way to amp up a statement neckline, like I did with my mineral-wash top. Make the moments count and rock those pieces that speak summer, before the season is gone! Remember to L O V E these last lavish days of easy livin.'  

Mineral Wash Turtleneck Tank: Forever 21 // Shorts: Thrifted // Gladiator Sandals: Urban Outfitters // Coin Collar Necklace: Urban Outfitters // Gemstone Cuff: Indian Fare-Trade

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Spanish Caravan

Black dress, bold lip & hints of gold. Lost among the agave. 
A t-shirt dress was the best summer investment that I made this past year.  Light, tight-- and yet it only ever-so-lightly graces your skin. I can breathe in the fresh island air. I put on my dress, tied up my tallest gladiator sandals, buckled up a vibrant belt & topped it off with my mid-summer black hat. Maybe it's by the influence of my pittsburgh soul-- but I have a thing for black and gold. I love the warm glitter of a golden ring or arm cuff against a stark black ensemble.  So this look needed some simple gold rings & thick-stacked bracelets. Lastly, subtle hints of crimson, on the tips of my fingers and boldly on my lips.  Pairings like this-- a casually sexy t-shirt dress & a kaleidoscope color palate of accessories & accents-- make me feel w o n d e r f u l l y  confident.  What drives your vibe? Keep styling those bold late-summer looks while the weather is in your favor & Stay Tuned for more Photographs from Mexico! 
Black T-Shirt Dress: Gap // Gladiator Sandals: Urban Outfitters // Black Hat: Calvin Klein // Hand-Stitched leather belt: Avalon Exchange // Black Leather Tassel Bag: Thrifted // Gold Cuff: Sibs Antiques // Hasma Bracelet: Charleston Marketplace